A consequence of this is that the type returned by QSqlField:: Regardless of which library you use, the shared object file libsybdb. SQLite also supports in-memory databases, simply pass “: Note that if the text encoding set when connecting to the database is not the same as in the database, problems with transliteration might arise. If you are not using a Microsoft compiler, replace nmake with make in the line above. Applications that use the low-level handle of SQL result must get a new handle after each call to any of QSqlResult fetch functions.

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EXE and choose wibase Install”. The completeness of the support for other systems depends on the availability and quality of client libraries.

The Qt SQLite 2 plugin is offered for compatibility. Firebird must be used with a server configuration. The build instructions for version 3 apply to version 2 as well.

Make sure you have followed the guide to Deploying Plugins. Do this at your own risk!

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This is recommended whenever possible, as it reduces qqibase installation size and removes one component for which you need to track security advisories.


Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you qlbase that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You need the unixODBC header files and shared libraries.


Read How to Create Qt Plugins for more information on this. For Qibass systems there are some implementations which must be installed first. For more information about PostgreSQL visit http: An application with schema database security policy can modify the database schema, write to database, read from database.

You should use the native driver, if it is available, instead of the ODBC driver. Depending on your Linux distribution you may need to install a package which is usually called “mysql-devel”.

Well, it’s kinda strange but it helped me!

No assumption of the actual type should be made from this and the type of the individual values should be checked. Powered by vBulletin Version 4. When implementing a Qt SQL driver, both of these classes must to be subclassed and the abstract virtual methods in each class must be implemented. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free qibqse please, join our community today!


Policy will be filled according to parsed values. Note that InterBase requires you to specify the full path to the database file, no matter whether it is stored locally or on another server. It’s possible to connect to a Oracle database without a tnsnames. You can find information about SQLite on http: To avoid this problem, instruct the ODBC driver to behave as a 3.

Qt – Firebird = QIBASE : driver not loaded !

This includes functions such as QSqlDriver:: The DB2 header and include files should already be installed in the right directories. Unicode is automatically used if the server supports it. SQLite version 3 is included as a third-party library within Qt. If the file does not exist, SQLite will try to create it. SQLite has some restrictions regarding multiple users and multiple transactions. Whenever possible, use the version 3 plugin instead. The container can contain: Refer to the Sybase documentation for information on how to set up a Sybase client configuration file to enable connections to databases on non-default ports.