Save a copy for personal use and archiving Save and read our reviews offline Read our reviews on your eBook reader e. The panel would have needed to be capable of producing a black point of about 0. Very quick warm-up to full brightness, and while I haven’t measured actual amp usage the heat generated, indicative of power consumption, seems lower than other 24″ monitors I’ve used. You could tell this by using the screen and before any testing, as it felt a little over bright and a bit uncomfortable after some time. The factory calibration said dE would be less than 5 on average, and it was. These are IPS panels so there is a slight green-pink shift across the screen but not bad enough to be a problem, even with two sitting side by side right pink butting up against left green.

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del We are of course more interested here in how the screen performs in practice, and every day use. Delllcd monitor. This is designed to improve black depth at wide angles, and is sometimes characterised by a white pale glow from extreme angles. Their WA screen attracted a lot of attention and users cried out for something similar in the 24″ range. The Dell WFP is also shown for reference.

Dell U2410 LCD Monitor

Since most users dfll have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user. Kindle, iPad and other tablets Please visit our Store for edll information and to download a copy.


The controls are easy and sensible. However, the mode does offer a decent enough simulation of the smaller colour space. Would have perhaps been nice to see multiple HDMI interfaces. Testing the screen with various colour gradients showed smooth transitions between shades and no sign of banding here. Laptop Panel Parts Database.

Speaker bar compatible if you want it. I would have thought movies were the main use for this technology for most users. The process was a great improvement! With PremierColor technology, this monitor allows for beautifully vivid colors in images and videos. Good options for connecting external players and other hardware.

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Show less Show more. As you can see, the colour gamut stretches beyond the sRGB space in red and green shades quite considerably.

This format is now mainly used in high-end digital SLR cameras, but we’d expect SLR owners to be prospective buyers of monitors like the UltraSharp U, so it’s definitely a negative.

Not perfect results, but an improvement compared with the ‘standard’ mode. In LaCie’s classification, this is still not great, but the thought is at least there and some attempt has been made to factory calibrate the screen. Responsiveness characteristics can vary from one technology to another, and a top level spec cannot always be trusted. This doesn’t apply to their sales agents I am a big fan of Dell – but this is one item that would almost having me buying my next computer somewhere else.


The adjustments felt smooth and sturdy, and the build quality of the screen was good.

Users are bound to be attracted to the first 24″ Dell screen using H-IPS panel technology, and that in itself is enough to make this a nice upgrade from the and versions. Maximum dynamic contrast is therefore about HDCP encryption support for protected content. Multimedia preset mode available through the OSD.

The stand with which the monitor came was simple to adjust. The two surprises were fully realized after spending a considerable amount of time on the phone with Dell.

I would thoroughly recommend a read of this article over at X-bit Labswhich covers the pros and cons well. In practice, these weren’t really noticeable, but if you u22410 a lot of movies with black bars along the top and bottom, this could prove a bit distracting, as you may notice some uniformity variation.

Dell UltraSharp U2410 LCD monitor

See details for full description. Click for larger versions.

For reference, LaCie describe the DeltaE readings as: